Sign Up for Betsy’s Workshop in Beautiful Wells, BC

Sign Up for Betsy’s Workshop in Beautiful Wells, BC

You’ve written a good part of your narrative and you’ve polished your prose or your verses. But it still doesn’t seem quite right. How do you organize all the pieces you’ve worked so hard on? Which structure will give the most life to your...

Upcoming Events

With the continuing success of Oscar of Between, Betsy has many upcoming events and readings. Save these upcoming dates in your calendar: MARCH Betsy Warland will appear at the 2019 Growing Room Festival from March 8-17, 2019. FEBRUARY Betsy Warland is offering a...

Mineral School Residency Accepting Applications

Mineral School is a new artists residency in a former 1940s grade school near Mt. Rainier, in Mineral, WA, a funky and forgotten fishing lake town that’s two hours southeast of Seattle or about five hours from Vancouver. During summer 2016, they are offering...

“Writing the Between” Sunshine Coast Writing Workshop

Although the between is something we most often try to steer away from, writers working in all genres need to engage with forms of between-ness. Whether it’s between doubt and confidence, what it’s about or seems not to be about; whether it’s between forms/genres,...

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