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From one-on-one manuscript consulting to leading workshops and classes, my work is all about encouraging and strengthening writers in their work.

All the ways we can meet on the page

Manuscript Consulting

For emerging writers or authors, I provide the full range of editing help from idea stage to final draft of a manuscript.View consult options

Book Editing Team (BET)

All editing services in one place: I get the manuscript to final draft then copy editor Betsy Nuse gets it ready to submit.

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Ready to go for it? One of we four VMI Mentors are matched to work in-depth on your manuscript for five months.

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Retreats, Workshops and Courses

I enjoy teaching a variety of writing skills retreats, workshops and courses across Canada.Read more

I work with both established and emerging writers. In conversation with each writer, we custom-tailor how we work together. After an initial conversation or email exchange with a writer in which we clarify exactly what they are seeking, I suggest an approach to the initial consult. Usually this first consult, particularly with writers who are new to me, is a “testing the waters” one. I focus on a sample from their writing so that I can give them the editorial feedback and we can see if we are a good fit.

I offer a variety of consults. Which type would work best for you? It depends on your goals, what pace you want to work at and what cost you can afford.

You can work one-on-one with me or another mentor. This solo plan allows you to write and edit at your own pace and with as much editing input as you wish to receive.

If you are further along with your manuscript and need more steady contact with a mentor, consider enrolling in the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive program, which runs every year from January to June. VMI’s six-month container period means you’ll have deadlines which will sharpen your focus and help you reach the next—perhaps final—phase of writing your manuscript.

Contact me if you wish to inquire about manuscript consultation or any of my other services.