Join the conversation on Oscar's Salon.

Join the conversation on Oscar’s Salon.

Dear Oscar fans,

Have you visited Oscar’s Salon recently? Please do drop by! Betsy has written a new introduction inviting you to comment on this interactive platform:

“Every month, I invite a guest writer or artist to dialogue with or bounce off of my excerpt. You, the readers, have also become a vital part of this exchange through your online comments.”

Have you read the latest post on Oscar’s Salon, Oscar, Part 33 A, Excerpt with a rawlings? Please have a look! Oscar finds herself in Toronto, struggles with writer’s block, and gives herself advice. Have a look at the photo of two ATM customers. Is it hilarious? Ridiculous? Something in-between?

Guest writer a rawlings’s contribution, a poetic excerpt from ÁFALL / TRAUMA, is exquisite.

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