Invitation to Bloodroot Book Launch

Hello writer friends, I’d like you to know about a livestream performance launch for the second edition of my 2000 memoir Bloodroot:Tracing the Untelling of Motherloss. This new edition includes a new Foreword by Susan Olding. It also includes a long essay on...

What kind of tending did the seedling of Bloodroot require?

After a month or so of handwriting the beginning pieces of Bloodroot, I realized I had to pace myself even more than my plan to inscribe first drafts of Bloodroot in the mornings; do final revisions on What Holds Us Here in the afternoons. I had never before...

What made the seed for Bloodroot germinate?

This is one of the most challenging points in writing any narrative: how to move from an idea, or an initial jotting of an intriguing snippet on to a sustained inscribing of the narrative. It’s so tenuous! With Bloodroot, I did something instinctively: I begin writing...

What first planted the seed for writing Bloodroot?

The seed for writing Bloodroot was sown the fall before my mother’s death in May. I had driven down from Saskatoon to visit her in Fort Dodge, Iowa at the care facility she lived in. This was the area in which she had lived her entire life. One afternoon while having...

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