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Got a manuscript, a work in progress, or an idea that you want to develop into a book?

I invite you to enter a contest to win a two-hour consult with Betsy Warland.

Vancouver Manuscript Intensive Director Betsy Warland

Vancouver Manuscript Intensive Director Betsy Warland

Betsy’s guidance is truly invaluable. In addition to being an acclaimed author of twelve books, Betsy Warland has thirty years experience as an editor and mentor. She’s the founder and director Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, an in-depth one-to-one mentorship program that pairs you with a professional author to develop your manuscript to its fullest potential.

This fall, the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive team is running a contest that will give you a taste of the kind of work Betsy and our other mentors do with writers like yourself.

All you have to do is sign up for e-mails from Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, and you’ll be entered to win a two-hour manuscript consult with Betsy Warland.

The VMI newsletter sends out information about one-day or weekend workshops run by our mentors, news about VMI’s six-month intensive program, as well as Betsy’s monthly responses to Writers’ Q&A’s.

So sign up now–you could win one of three two-hour consults with Betsy Warland.

(Please note that the Betsy Walrand newsletter that brought you to this page is different from the VMI newsletter)

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