This walk in Stanley Park to honor Jane Addams’ remarkable concepts for benefits of urban neighbourhoods with mixed residents was led by poet Kevin Spenst to honor. We had a great crowd! And it was fun to read from my book Lost Lagoon/lost in thought at Lost Lagoon!

West End Poetry Walkabout (May 6) 11am to 1pm starting at the corner of Guildford and Beach in front of the Sylvia Hotel: Kevin Spenst will read West End poems from  A Verse Map of Vancouver (edited by George McWhirter)

On grass in front of Parks Board offices: poetry from Jennifer Zilm (“Vancouvering”) and Jules Wilson 

At the corner of Lost Lagoon: poetry from Veronika Gorlova and  Betsy Warland 

At the parklet at Guildford and Haro: poetry from Bill Richardson and Emily Chou, with additional poems by Jeff Steudel read by Kevin Spenst

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