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Dear Friends,

My name’s Eleni and I’m Betsy Warland’s current social media and blog post manager. It’s been a blast working with her over the last year–she has listened to and implemented many of my ideas, and really made me feel like a welcome part of her and Vancouver Manuscript Intensive team. Furthermore, this work has led to inspiring connections with many parts of the writing community in Vancouver and beyond, which has nourished my own endeavors as a creative writer.

Sadly, I’m going back to school full time in the fall. Well, that’s not sad, but the fact that I have to give up my work with Betsy is. I’d like to pass the torch on to one of you brilliant and creative members of our writing community.

Betsy’s looking for someone who has knowledge of and is involved in the writing community in Vancouver and beyond, can post items on Facebook, Twitter and her websites, and is reliable. It’s a paid opportunity.

If you’re interested, please contact me: I’ll send you more details.

Suzanna (Zsuzsi) Huebsch, Tech Support, Oscar’s Salon

Zsuzsi offers ace tech support, so you don’t need to know HTML.

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