Duluth street in plateau neighbourhood in montreal

The Plateau, Montreal. Photo: Wikimedia

Writing the Between
a special Montreal event
February 22, 2014
All-genre workshop 10am – 5pm

Cost: $90 for 6 hours
Register by: February 15, 2014
Contact: Betsy Warland
Participants: writers, journalists, memoirists, visual artists—anyone published or unpublished whose practice or project involves the written word
Location: on the Plateau (near metro Mont Royal)

Betweenness is something we usually seek to avoid – it evokes the devil and  the deep blue sea, or a rock and a hard place – yet all writers need to engage with it. Whether it’s between doubt and confidence, cultures, drafts, languages, time frames, genres, race, art forms, memories, identities,  truths, nonfiction and fiction, betweenness is a dynamic site for any practice that involves the written word.

Betsy will establish a conceptual framework and provide a series of exercises to enable you to identify and access the greater narrative potential found in writing into, and out of, the betweenness in your writing.

There will be one short pre-workshop exercise to complete and bring to the workshop. Also, time for each participant to pose questions they have about their writing.

Other upcoming workshops with Betsy

  • June 20 -21, Working with Contradictions in Your Writing workshop,
    Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island
  • June 27, Writing the Between workshop,
    central Vancouver

Details to come…

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