Listening to Your Manuscript Workshop

September 19th – 21st, 2014
Nanoose Bay (near Nanaimo), BC

This is Betsy’s first Master Class for writers who are well into working on a manuscript. She will be offering her most current thinking inspired by her manuscript development and editing work with individual writers, her annual 5-month program Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, and her book Breathing the Page – Reading the Act of Writing.

Listening to Your Manuscript is for poets, creative nonfiction writers, memoirists and mixed genre writers who have a substantial body of work, a full draft, a chapbook, or a book and are at work on their next manuscript.

The set of strategies presented will enable you to make accurate and exciting decisions about your manuscript. Examples are: how to recognize what’s missing, what your manuscript is really about, what needs to be foregrounded more (and less), what the most compelling structure and ordering of pieces is, and how to identify and extend its central images.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will be invited to pose a question that Betsy will address during the workshop. In addition, each participant has the opportunity for a mini consult with Betsy.

Cost: $300 includes refreshments, two breakfasts, one lunch and dinner.

Time: September 19th, 7 pm-9:00 pm; 20th, 10am – 9pm; 21st, 10 am- noon.

Contact: Tina at

Location: Nanoose Place and Annie’s Acre.

Based on space, we have one room available to rent for early registrant. There is also lots of camping space available. Please inquire if interested.

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