Darrel J. McLeod launched his memoir, Mamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age (Douglas & McIntyre) on Sept 15, 2018 at the Native Education College (NEC). Vancouver Manuscript Intensive founder, bestselling author, and cross-genre writer, Betsy Warland, emceed the afternoon alongside Shaena Lambert, author of Oh, My Darling. 

Quill & Quire has said “Darrel J. McLeod uses the imagery and tenets of Cree storytelling to make sense of a harrowing childhood. McLeod has written a powerful, unflinching work of non-fiction, one that isn’t afraid to leave itself raw and unfinished, nodding to the stories that are yet to come.”

Learn more about Mamaskatch at Douglas & McIntyre and revisit the festive afternoon of storytelling with photos below from Betsy!

Betsy Warland interviewing Darrel J. McLeod


L to R: Barbara Pulling (book editor), Betsy Warland (development editor), Shaena Lambert, (managing editor)


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