Working with Contradictions in Your Writing

June 27 & 28, 2014

All-genre workshop, Nanoose Bay, BC

Writers inevitably encounter contradictions no matter which genre we are working in. Whether apparent or hidden, small or substantial, contradictions arise and are present in every piece of writing. When we investigate and engage with them, they give a deeper resonance and authenticity to every narrative.

Typically, we attempt to ignore, delete, deny or smooth over contradictions.

In this workshop we’ll explore and reflect upon what happens when you work with the contractions instead trying to get rid of them.

I will present several short vignettes of actual dilemmas with contradictions in writers’ manuscripts with whom I have worked. Practical concepts about how to work with contradictions will also be presented. In-workshop exercises and discussion will further you understanding. You will also revisit a few pages of your writing and work with an inherent contradiction in a rewrite.

A mini consult with each workshop participant to discuss and review a specific question or concern about a contradiction will also be available.

Prior to the workshop, the reading of a short text and writing of a short exercise will be required.

The workshop’s text is Breathing the Page – Reading the Act of Writing, Betsy Warland, Cormorant Books, 2010. It is available in print version or pdf download from my web site.

Cost: $300  includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday.

June 27, 7 pm-9:30 pm
June 28, 10 am- 8:30 pm

Contact: Tina at

Location: Nanoose Bay Library, Nanoose Bay BC

Participants: writers, journalists, memoirists, visual artists – anyone published or unpublished whose practice or project involves the written word.

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