Symposium at University of Alberta

I am a keynote speaker and writing workshop facilitator in this three-day conversation in Sharon’s memory. Embracing her life, work and relationships, we invite all who have found inspiration in her writing, teaching or living to attend.

Sharon had started working with/learning from me just before her cancer diagnosis, and was delighted and reinvigorated to work with a new mode of writing.

[I]f trauma is a radical disruption to the familiar terms of speaking and listening (in the academy), brings us to the limits of our understanding, and constitutes a (new) ignorance amongst us, then are we not faced with the inexorable question: how is a field to think (about) [and write] itself when its condition of possibility, what brings it into existence, is a demand of (a new) ignorance or a loss of what can be counted on as ‘knowledge’? (Sharon Rosenberg, 2010)

Based on thematic resonance of submissions, we will invite people to “spark” each of the three themed dialogues by speaking to the connections between their writing/thinking, teaching/pedagogy or living, and precarious theorizing for 10 to 15 minutes, with a more expanded dialogue with everyone to follow.


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