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What is “a memoir of ideas”? That’s one of the questions that Tara-Michele Ziniuk asks in her interview with Betsy about her latest book, Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas for the spring issue of Herizons Magazine.

Betsy Warland Interview in Herizons, Spring 2017

In her answer, Betsy explains that the book touches on the ideas she was exploring at that time of her life. One of them is civilian violence, which results, according to Betsy, from the ways in which we categorize each other.  Betsy then shares her own experiences with gender categorization and describes how liberated she felt when she discovered the term “person of between” as one she could comfortably apply to herself.

Betsy also talks about men who … ahem … take up more than their share of the subway seat, and what she does to reclaim space for her own body in those situations.

If you haven’t yet, do have a look at the Spring issue of Herizons Magazine, available at a bookstore or library near you.


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