Writing the Between

This writing workshop is designed for writers working on writing projects or manuscripts that incorporates various forms of betweeness, whether it be genres, identities, a story you know yet do not know, modes of perception or languages. A combination of daily instruction, exploratory exercises, discussion and writing time will enable each writer to engage more fully and effectively with their narratives’ particular forms of betweeness. A one-on-one consult will be available to each writer.

Betsy Warland’s most recent book, Breathing the Page – Reading the Act of Writing, is informed by her Buddhist practise, teaching and writing. The Vancouver Sun review of Breathing the Page noted: “Several of the chapters give us a near-reveries on the tools of the writer’s trade.” Over her twenty-five years of teaching creative writing, Warland has sought to fuse the act of writing with the act of teaching.

Tuition: $545 CDN (meals & accommodation extra)
Duration: 5 nights


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