Thanks to all the writers and readers who came to the 2017 Creative Non-Fiction Collective Conference. Held at UBC’s Green College on May 5th and 6th, the event was an inspiring reunion of friends and colleagues.

Ellen Dechesne, Andreas Schroeder, Ted Bishop, Anne Campbell, Betsy, Myrna Koastash

The CNFC dates back to 2004, when co-founders Betsy Warland and Myrna Kostash got together to discuss exciting developments in this dynamic genre. “They debated the social, cultural and ethical issues that defined and preoccupied creative nonfiction writers in the early twenty-first century. This gathering, held in Banff, Alberta, became the first annual CNFC Conference.” To learn more about the history of this organization, and to find out how to become a CNFC member, check out the FAQs on the CNFC web page.

At CNFC 2017, Betsy and Myrna held  a plenary session about the collective’s past and its future. It was an opportunity to explore the meaning and significance of this richly diverse genre. What are your thoughts on the directions creative non-fiction has taken in the last decade? How do you see it developing in the future? Share your thoughts on Betsy Warland’s Facebook page.

Myrna, Betsy, Anne and Andreas



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