Word Vancouver is still going ahead September 19-27 in an online format.

I’ll be hosting/moderating the following events within the LGBTQ2S+ programming. Click on the individual link for participating authors and registration details. All events are free.

  • September 16Writers’ Line-age Panel: Writers that span several generations will read a short except from their writing then discuss how they, and the LGBTQ2S+ writing community, have evolved since they first became aware of, then involved in, the Vancouver writing community.
  • September 24Gender and Genre: Exploring and evoking our gender identities can impact how we occupy the page, how we occupy the act of writing itself and perform our work. Experience the danger, dare and delight of genre & gender bending with these writers.
  • September 25Writing the Between: LGBTQ2S+ writers have been expanding narrative subjects, spaces and the narrator’s point of view for several decades. Hear how writers navigate, conceptualize, occupy and locate readers inside their places of between.
  • September 26Eroticizing the Page: Canadian LGBTQ2S+ writers began embodying their erotic lives on the page in the 1960s. These representations required a refashioning, a reinventing (and often a rejection) of heterosexual representation. Hear how these current writers have been doing just that.
  • September 27How does race, class and cultural background shape your writing: In this reading, writers also informed by race, class, cultural background, countries and/or language of origin and differently abled-ness share how they navigate and are invigorated by their multifaceted lives.

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