Betsy will be moderator for Event 70: Difficult Inheritances
Free (Pay what you can)

On Saturday, Oct 26

From 5:00pm – 6:30pm

At Waterfront Theatre, 1412 Cartwright Street

How do we confront painful inheritances? Abandoned by his parents, Jesse Thistle fell into a life of drugs, homelessness and crime, before taking it upon himself to change. In From the Ashes, he shares his journey to reconnect with his Métis-Cree culture and family. Exiled from her Yemeni family and shaken by her father’s death, Ayelet Tsabari (The Art of Leaving) pursued a turbulent life of constant travel—until an untold family history enabled her to finally find herself. Adopted as an infant, Jenny Heijun Wills (Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related.) overcomes cultural divides to build a relationship with her birth family. These memoirists explore the courageous act of facing one’s past in order to create more promising futures

Thanks to the support of the Y.P. Heung Foundation, Government of British Columbia and Raincoast Books.

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