In February I was excited to add a new monthly “voice” in Oscar’s Salon – a Featured Reader. This addition has made the salon complete as readers often tell me they enjoy the salon but are too shy to comment. They now have a presence. It’s also time to make present the crucial behind-the-scenes people who help make the salon happen each month. I affectionately call them Oscar’s Team. Skillful and enthusiastic, they include website manager Zsuzsi Huebsch, John Gardiner (who helps find the images), copyeditor Marial Shae and social media whiz Carleigh Baker recently replaced by Lindsay Glauser Kwan. They play no small part in making the salon rise to the occasion every month.

Creating a print book (as much as I love them) involves years of solitary work with occasional forays of reading from the manuscript, a launch, and a few promotional readings. Oscar’s Salon keeps the creation and reception of its narrative circulating in a dynamic way I relish. Because the salon is an abridged version of Oscar of Between, I never know from month to month what I’ll select to publish from the manuscript, what revisions I will make, nor what new writing I’ll insert into my excerpts. Continuing to intensify discovery and extension are the salon “collaborators”: Guest Writers, Artists, Feature Readers and salon commenters.

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