Proper Deafinitions: Collected Theorograms
Proper Deafinitions: Collected Theorograms
1990 Press Gang Publishers
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Proper Deafinitions: Collected Theorograms

1990 Press Gang Publishers

Out of print, a limited number still available from Betsy.

Note: sells for $140 on Amazon.

The sixteen collected texts and essays in Proper Deafinitions continue to be as deeply subversive and visionary as they were when it was published in 1990. Louise Forsyth wrote “Her voice celebrates in generosity and with subtle humour the shimmering notion of women as seekers, as thinkers, as creators…” and US author Julie R. Enszer recently wrote, “Warland’s textual innovations on the page were powerful and shattering…seem to imagine what was to come with the advances in hypertext…web browsers and more interactive texts online.”

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