The Miramichi Reader

“Lost Lagoon: lost in thought prose poems will remain on the shelves of time as a guide for integration to sustainability, day by day, walk by walk, person by person.”

Meditative Magic


“The miracle of Lost Lagoon / lost in thought: prose poems (Caitlin Press) is that although Warland does all the talking during this walk, you come away feeling like you’ve been closely listened to.”

Let’s Go For A Walk

Vancouver Sun

“Liminality is Warland’s great subject, and it resonates through her observations of life and death on the lagoon…”

Book review: Betsy Warland makes luminous observations about where the city meets the park

The Poetry Question

“Thoughtful and contemplative, the writing captures the seasons of nature, the sounds and rhythms of the lagoon…”

Review: Lost Lagoon/lost in thought

Creative Nonfiction Review

…”I found myself moved by Warland’s curiosity and her openness to the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and complicated relationships of the Lagoon…”

Book Review: Betsy Warland, Lost Lagoon/lost in thought

The Ornsby Review

“…Lost Lagoon/ lost in thought is not so much about going ‘back to the land’ as forging a new relationship with our surroundings that is thoughtful, compassionate, and authentic.”

Finding hope in Lost Lagoon

Read Local BC

“Warland’s signature style of poetry lends an extra dimension of lyricism to the Lost Lagoon.”

These Authors Will Make You See Stanley Park In a Whole New Light

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