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I have been teaching writing across Canada and in the UK for over 30 years. Always interested in new teaching opportunities, I consider invitations for an hour, several days, weeks or months. I enjoy teaching in pre-existing venues as well as helping invent new ones. Send me your invitation or idea about a workshop. The questions I explore with students in my teaching are the same ones that inspired me to write Breathing the Page. How do we:

  • Identify the pulse of a piece of writing
  • Determine the narrative arc
  • Sustain ourselves as writers
  • Deal with issues about shared memory and different points of view
  • Recognize and trust the form each piece thrives in (including mixed-genre forms)
  • Deeply engage our readers
  • Determine the contents and shape of a manuscript

Contact me if you wish to receive email updates about retreats or workshops or to inquire about any of my teaching services. See also the VMI Web site for mentoring programs.

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