About Betsy

Writing is my teacher. I’m endlessly challenged and intrigued by writing: my own, the writing of a writer I’m mentoring, or a published work that carries me beyond the edge of the world as I have previously known and understood it.

I frequently write across genres or in concert/conversation among more than one genre. I have written in all genres except fiction. In my most recent book, Oscar of Between, I write from the narrative position of person of between, which is another way to write into the interface between blank space and inscribed or written space. In other words, the book is both writing and the act of writing.

My bestselling book, Breathing the Page — Reading the Act of Writing, is a collection of essays for students of creative writing, material that came from my 30 years of experiences as a manuscript consultant, editor and teacher. Since 2007, I have been the director and a mentor in Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, a five-month program that matches writers with a body of work in search of a manuscript or an unresolved manuscript with an established author who works one-on-one. As I say to the emerging writers I teach: Everything is writing!

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