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Sign Up for Betsy’s Workshop in Beautiful Wells, BC

Workshop with Betsy Warland at the Island Mountain Arts centre  in Wells, BC

You’ve written a good part of your narrative and you’ve polished your prose or your verses. But it still doesn’t seem quite right. How do you organize all the pieces you’ve worked so hard on? Which structure will give the most life to your writing?

For answers to these questions, register for Betsy’s Part of the Whole: Nonfiction, Short Fiction and Poetry Narratives.” This four-day workshop will take place at Island Mountain Arts in the Wells/Barkerville/Bowron Lakes area in the central interior of British Columbia from August 26th to August 29th, 2017. There’s a welcome reception on the evening of the 25th, and the price includes a BBQ dinner on the 26th, artist talks, and a reading with Betsy and students.

The early-bird deadline is June 15th, and limited scholarships are available, so don’t hesitate to register ASAP!

Here’s the description of the workshop from the IMA website:

“Best-selling author and sought-after instructor, consultant and editor, Betsy Warland works across many genres and teaches that “everything is writing.” This workshop is for writers of short nonfiction and/or fiction pieces, and/or poetry writers who have enough parts of the whole that it is time to step back and consider how all these parts can most effectively create a whole. When working with nonfiction fragments or short pieces, individual poems, mixed genre pieces, flash fiction, text and images, the most effective structure can be hard to identify which, in turn, undermines coherence and impact. Investigating this midway, however, can make a big difference in how successfully you write the rest of this body of work and increases the possibility of getting it published.”

For more information, please go to the IMA website.


Instructor: Betsy Warland
Saturday, August 26 – Tuesday, August 29, 9am – 3:30pm
Early Bird Fee: $429 + GST (Extended to June 15)
Regular Fee: $476 + GST
Deposit: $119 + GST (non refundable)


Herizons Interviews Betsy Warland

Dear Readers and Writers,

What is “a memoir of ideas”? That’s one of the questions that Tara-Michele Ziniuk asks in her interview with Betsy about her latest book, Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas for the spring issue of Herizons Magazine.

Betsy Warland Interview in Herizons, Spring 2017

In her answer, Betsy explains that the book touches on the ideas she was exploring at that time of her life. One of them is civilian violence, which results, according to Betsy, from the ways in which we categorize each other.  Betsy then shares her own experiences with gender categorization and describes how liberated she felt when she discovered the term “person of between” as one she could comfortably apply to herself.

Betsy also talks about men who … ahem … take up more than their share of the subway seat, and what she does to reclaim space for her own body in those situations.

If you haven’t yet, do have a look at the Spring issue of Herizons Magazine, available at a bookstore or library near you.


Come Celebrate Vancouver Manuscript Intensive 2017 Grads

Join us for our Vancouver Manuscript Intensive celebratory public reading of prose and poetry on June 4th from 3-5pm at the Havana Cafe Theatre (on 1212 Commercial Drive).
This year, we have so many successful grads, that the room cannot accommodate all of their guests at once! We’ll therefore divide the evening into two sets. No matter which set you are attending, please arrive 10 minutes early. Otherwise, you’ll disrupt the readers.

Celebrate VMI 2017 grads

Doors open at 2:40.
THE FIRST SET: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Guests & Readers: please arrive early)
C. Groumoutis
V. Chalker Whitfield
D. Corcese
K.J. Johnson
K. Alexander
L. Gaskell
M. Beaudry
SHORT BREAK: 4:00 pm to 4:10 pm
THE SECOND SET: 4:10 pm to 5:00 pm (Guests and readers: please be there by 4)
B. Wagner
I. Rose
K. King
V. Embree
M. MacDonald
C. Harmon

Want to be Betsy’s social media and blog post manager?

Work with Betsy!

Dear Friends,

My name’s Eleni and I’m Betsy Warland’s current social media and blog post manager. It’s been a blast working with her over the last year–she has listened to and implemented many of my ideas, and really made me feel like a welcome part of her and Vancouver Manuscript Intensive team. Furthermore, this work has led to inspiring connections with many parts of the writing community in Vancouver and beyond, which has nourished my own endeavors as a creative writer.

Sadly, I’m going back to school full time in the fall. Well, that’s not sad, but the fact that I have to give up my work with Betsy is. I’d like to pass the torch on to one of you brilliant and creative members of our writing community.

Betsy’s looking for someone who has knowledge of and is involved in the writing community in Vancouver and beyond, can post items on Facebook, Twitter and her websites, and is reliable. It’s a paid opportunity.

If you’re interested, please contact me: I’ll send you more details.

Suzanna (Zsuzsi) Huebsch, Tech Support, Oscar’s Salon

Zsuzsi offers ace tech support, so you don’t need to know HTML.

Have a great day,


Creative Nonfiction Collective Conference 2017: The Past and Future of CNF

Thanks to all the writers and readers who came to the 2017 Creative Non-Fiction Collective Conference. Held at UBC’s Green College on May 5th and 6th, the event was an inspiring reunion of friends and colleagues.

Ellen Dechesne, Andreas Schroeder, Ted Bishop, Anne Campbell, Betsy, Myrna Koastash

The CNFC dates back to 2004, when co-founders Betsy Warland and Myrna Kostash got together to discuss exciting developments in this dynamic genre. “They debated the social, cultural and ethical issues that defined and preoccupied creative nonfiction writers in the early twenty-first century. This gathering, held in Banff, Alberta, became the first annual CNFC Conference.” To learn more about the history of this organization, and to find out how to become a CNFC member, check out the FAQs on the CNFC web page.

At CNFC 2017, Betsy and Myrna held  a plenary session about the collective’s past and its future. It was an opportunity to explore the meaning and significance of this richly diverse genre. What are your thoughts on the directions creative non-fiction has taken in the last decade? How do you see it developing in the future? Share your thoughts on Betsy Warland’s Facebook page.

Myrna, Betsy, Anne and Andreas



Oscar of Between: Reviews, Interviews and More

Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas is still getting lots of attention a year after publication. Here’s a list of Betsy’s latest reviews and interviews.

Reviews of Oscar of Between

Event Magazine

In the latest issue of Event magazine, Carleigh Baker writes of Oscar of Between: “The narrative is both delicate and penetrating, intimate and public, filled with the clashes and collaborations that make us human.”  To read the review, order your copy of the latest issue of Event Magazine here.

BC Bookworld

York University professor Catriona (Cate) Sandilands says in BC BookWorld: “Warland’s memoir is a vital exploration of what it means to inhabit the early twenty-first century with attention, openness, and generosity.” You can access the review on

Catriona Sandilands reviews Oscar of Between in BC BookWorld

Room Magazine Online

Dana Hansen’s review for Room magazine is now available online! “Oscar of Between is a dynamic work of startling insight.”

That same issue of Room magazine includes Jonína Lynn Kirton’s interview with Betsy, which is also available online now.

Many Gendered Mothers Project

If you’ve been following Betsy for a while, you know that she’s an inspiring and experienced mentor and editor. In a moving essay for the Many Gendered Mothers project, Elee Karljii Gardiner pays tribute to Betsy, referring to her as a “poetrymother,” she describes what it was like to be mentored by Betsy: “She taught me a problem should be written into rather than ignored.”

Many Gendered Mothers is an online “project on literary influence featuring short essays by writers (of any/all genders) on the women, femme, trans, and non-binary writers who have influenced them, as a direct or indirect literary forebear.” Go to their website to read Elee’s essay.

If you find these words of praise inspiring and haven’t read Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas yet, order you copy here. Betsy will sign your book and add a personalized inscription.




If you’re enjoying the excerpts in Oscar's Salon, buy Oscar of Between and I’ll sign the copy with a personal message.